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Bible Study for Women

Bible Study for Women – A study in the book of Hebrews Author: Nivine Richie • Are you interested in reading the Bible for yourself? • Are you sometimes too busy to study the Bible on your own? • Do you have trouble understanding the Bible when you read it by yourself? • Would it […]

New Bible Study for Men

Men’s Bible Study (NEW) – “Experiencing God” By Henry Blackaby Starting up Thursday, January 31, 2019 Are you frustrated as a Christian because you know God has a more abundant life for you than you’re currently experiencing? Do you earnestly desire God’s direction for your life as you seek to serve Him? If so, this […]

Brand New Bible Study for Women

Brand new weekly Bible Study for Men and Women – Please join us as we begin a new group Bible study at Riverview Baptist Church, 126 Kent Road, New Milford, on Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 7pm. Title of Study: “Growing in Christ” (by the Navigators) The reference booklet we will use helps to explain the fundamentals of […]

Post With Content Broken Into Multiple Pages

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